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There are many techniques for finishing the surface of a granite memorial.  This is often determined by the type and color of granite as well as the memorial design. 

Finish PolishPolished Finish - Abrasives are rubbed on the surface of the stone with high-speed polishing wheels to create a polished surface

Finish SteeledSawed, Steeled, Frosted - This matte finish is created by sawing the surface.  It may also be accomplished by sandblasting the surface with steel shot, or by frosting it with sandblast sand.

Finish Polish MarginPolished Margin - The surface is polished and a panel area is frosted, making a place for lettering.

 Finish Shell RockShell Rock - This is a hewn surface with hewn sides.  This also referred to as Rock Pitch when seen on the sides of a monument.



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